Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Earl Walters
March 2017

After fifty years of faithful church work and ministry, the day finally came when it was time for Joe to meet the Master.

All his life he had served faithfully in the church, as a teacher of the children and as an Elder. As death had approached he felt at peace. He had done all he could for the kingdom. As a Believer he had encouraged people to come to the Master and those that joined him in his walk, he was faithful to teach them the Scriptures that he so faithfully followed.

Now after passing through the veil, he finds himself facing his Messiah. But wait, something is wrong. Where are the pearly gates and the beautiful streets of gold? This looks like a courtroom, and what are those big books all about? And why does He have those Jewish Torah Scrolls? I am not Jewish.

As he looks into the eyes of Messiah, he sees sadness rather than joy. Oh my, what is going on here?

The Messiah gently opens one of the books and begins to ask him some questions:

Messiah :             Did you not love me?

Joe:        Yes Lord, I love you with all my heart. I would do nothing to cause you any hurt.

Messiah :             But, you taught the children that My Torah had been done away with and that they did not have to pay any attention to it. These are My personal instructions, My very Word showing you how to have a close and loving relationship with me.

Joe:        But they said that Jesus fulfilled the Law and nailed it to the cross.

Messiah quietly looked Joe in the eyes  -- “But I said, ‘Not one jot or tittle of the Torah would pass away until all is completed.’”

Messiah:              Why did you not keep my seventh day  Sabbath?

Joe:        But they said “The Sabbath was changed to be the day of your resurrection.”

Messiah:              The Sabbath is a covenant between me and all who choose to walk with me. It is my first appointed time for us to fellowship together. Does anyone have the authority to change our appointment?

 Then Messiah asked Joe “Why did you not keep My holy feasts?

Joe:        We established special holidays to celebrate your resurrection and your birth. We all came together and celebrated these special days to honor you.

Messiah:              But I asked you to keep my feasts forever. I did not give anyone authority to change that or establish holidays to celebrate my resurrection or birth. Passover and First fruits are celebrations of My resurrection and I was not born in December but during the time of My fall feasts.

Joe:        But the preacher said the church fathers had the right to establish which day was the Sabbath and what holidays we should keep. They said that our holidays replaced the “Old Feasts”.

Messiah:              But I said that I do not change and the Shabbat and My feasts were to be a sign between us forever.

                                I asked you to love me and show that love by keeping My Torah.

You see, the basis of your eternal judgment is this Book of the Torah and your obedience or disobedience to its instructions. I have no other criteria to use in your judgment. Since My Word established that “sin” is violation of these instructions in Torah, I must declare you guilty and condemned.

My precious blood that I shed to cover sin is only available for those sins that are brought to the alter and repented of. You have never repented for breaking My Torah Instructions.

Because you have given Me no choice, I can only say:     “Depart from Me for I never knew you.”